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Watchfaces engine editor and viewer for NO.1 D5 devices and compatibles.


Developer environment

Visual Basic .NET (Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015). Solution includes:

  1. ClockSkinMaker.core, engine dll to create, modify and visualize clokskins and text arrays
  2. ClockSkinMaker.gui, fully functional sample application using core.dll

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  • Create, visualize and modify xml's clockskins based on No1. D5 devices structure
  • Import IMAGES from .watch files for use them directly
  • Incorporates a function to generate basic text "arrays"
  • Mode test/simulation of designs

Known issues and limitations

  • The "pedometer text" and "heartrate text" elements are not implemented.



Special thanks to people without whom the application would never be, the following active members of xda-developers community for sharing and explain methods for extract, build and save skins:

@Lokifish Marz
@Steve Giordano

every users who have shared their creations.

... and my suffered code testers ;)
Carlos P.
Ruben G.

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